Combine nerves, adrenalin and a load of excitement.

This is how we (Katie Hansen and Claire Elliott) were feeling prior to our recent gig.

We chose to “ease” into the Melbourne nightclub scene by performing a small set at a tiny and virtually unknown bar called Baroq (please note our insane amount of sarcasm).

This gig was a massive start for us. Individually, we have both DJed at all sorts of events, but this was truly on another level.

Being fresh on the scene as a duo, we were slightly unsure as to how we would be received (especially being chick DJ’s). With that said we proved that we can mix any dude under the table with an absolutely stellar set, combined with a packed dance floor.

Featuring some of the hottest female DJ talent Melbourne has to offer, the “Lady Love” event at Baroq was a huge hit. Downstairs, the beats were predominately House/Electro, giving the RnB DJ’s upstairs a run for their money!

Never wanting to conform, in true Easy Tiger fashion we combined our own flavour of 80s and 90s mashups with a whole load of attitude. The crowd lapped it up.

Stoked doesn’t even come close to describing how we were feeling after the gig. Mark our words little cubs, this is JUST the beginning……

Easy Tiger X