We require a 50% deposit to confirm all bookings.

Upon receipt of deposit we will then lock in the artist or band.

It is not until this point that Top Dog can guarantee a band’s availability.

Full payment of the balance is required 7 days prior to your event.

You can pay by direct money transfer, or give us a call with your credit card handy and we will process it over the phone.

A copy of our booking process (terms) will be forwarded to you by your Top Dog Entertainment Coordinator for full transparency of how we work.

We have basic mood lighting options available for a small additional cost.

For larger scale lighting we work with some amazing companies that specialise in this area so please just ask us.

Travel outside of Melbourne is something we regularly do, and is charged at $1.00/km per performer. Accommodation may be required if the venue is more than 1.5 hours from Melbourne, and the event finishes on or after 11pm. If you are able to provide accommodation that’s great, otherwise we will charge a nominal fee to cover each performer.

The DJ’s dress code is guys: suit and tie and girls: glam cocktail unless advised otherwise.

Other bands / groups will dress in lounge suit or clothing specific to their style /performance type.

Ranging from 2yrs – 20yrs + you can be assured that your DJ will have plenty of experience. The fresher faces have been training alongside the experts to ensure their music knowledge, mixing abilities are up there with the best. All Top Dog DJs are individually selected based on their ability to provide entertainment to a wide range of age groups, and to play music from multiple genres. We also run a DJ School for those wishing to learn.

Yes. We can provide a portable sound system that can be set up outdoors – it is battery powered and great for garden weddings or locations that are a distance from a power outlet. They have a wireless microphone, lapel microphone, or both depending on what you require. They are very easily operated and take CDs or iPods. We can arrange for your DJ to man the system for an additional cost. Alternatively ask us about live music options.

We will liaise directly with the venue in terms of our requirements for the night however, if the event is being held at a private residence please provide us with the dimensions of the room so we can choose the most appropriate production requirements.

Also – for a DJ a table to set up on would also be appreciated.

If you are booking an artist(s) to perform outdoors some form of shade whilst performing to guarantee no rain or direct sunlight may be required.  You can liaise with your Top Dog Entertainment Coordinator about this.

We will liaise directly with the venue to organise an appropriate set up time before guests arrive. As a rule this is normally one hour prior.

Earlier set up times and sound checks will incur an additional fee

“Production” refers to full sound production. Our bands can all provide full sound production for an event that has up to 300 guests.  Spatial considerations also need to be taken into consideration. Beyond this size, production will need to be quoted separately as the band’s system won’t necessarily provide suitable amplification.  Having the right sound makes a big difference.  Clarity, quality and reach are all important considerations to ensure the music sounds impeccable.

We have detailed notes and floor plans on a huge amount of regular venues / spaces we work at so you can be sure that we’ll most likely know the space you intend to celebrate in

We can also liaise directly with venue management about the best production for the space so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

For larger spaces / events we are also happy to attend site visits to ensure the production fits the space just right

From time to time you may be able to extend the finishing time on the night provided you advise the band or DJ and they are available to stay longer. Please note many of our artists may have other gigs to attend on the night so it’s not always possible to extend.

Top Dog will invoice you directly for the additional time.

Yes.  For performance times of four hours or more, meals and non-alcoholic refreshments would be appreciated by our artists.  Most venues and caterers are able to provide crew meals for the artists at a discounted rate.

Yes. DJs, bands and most other musical groups require access to regular power (one standard 10amp GPO). Artists will supply the necessary power boards and extension leads.

Our bands and DJs are able to assist with basic MC services for an additional cost, and will liaise with you to arrange announcements and introductions throughout the event. If you require more than basic announcements we can recommend some great professional MC’s.

Our bands will work as closely as possible with your run sheet to ensure the music compliments how you wish to have the night run (from start to finish).

Our bands usually perform 45 minute sets (within 1 hour) with a 15 minute break.

On their breaks, all of Top Dog’s bands provide music, which they play through their own PA system.

Yes. The band is more than happy to share its microphone with you on the night for speeches and announcements. Depending on the band you’ve selected the microphone may or may not be cordless. If you would like a cordless / roving microphone we can organise this for you at a small cost.

Our bands are all extremely talented and experienced musicians. They read the room and perform appropriate repertoire accordingly.

Most of our bands are happy to learn a key song or 2 for you should you wish.  There may be a small additional charge for rehearsal time for the band.

DJs are able to be more flexible as they have a much wider variety of music at their disposal.  All of our DJs are experienced at playing to the room and will also take direction form you as to your favourite and requested style(s) of music.

If you wish to choose music for a performer there is a section on your personal event or wedding sheet that you can list down your favourite songs.  The DJ/performers can use this as a guide for the evening or play very strictly to how you want to direct them. Please don’t feel you have to plan the entire evening’s music though; our performers are experienced in reading the crowd and playing to differing age groups so they will make sure everyone is catered to and has a great time. If you do not wish to create a playlist, and it is by no means compulsory, just let us know the age groups attending and a rough outline of what music you would like to hear, or not hear. We are more than happy for your guests to request songs as well.

Your entertainment coordinator will ensure that all of our artists’ are thoroughly briefed prior to your event to make sure our artists’ music compliments your even the way you want.

Where possible we will organise for you to see our artists live.  However, on many occasions they perform at corporate and private events, therefore it can be difficult to organise personal viewings.

For any public events we will happily organise information and entry for you.

Some of our artists have showcase evenings where you can see them perform and meet to ask any questions you may have.  Top Dog also host private showcase events for our artists at our premises throughout the year

Finally, if you are unable to see the artists live, we have biographies, photos and demos (both audio and video) of all artists so you will be able to get a great feel for the artist you book at your event

We would love to meet with you to discuss the music and running of the night in more detail and answer any questions you might have.  We are available in our office anytime during the week, or after hours by appointment.

Let us know a time that would suit you!  

Top Dog Entertainment is synonymous with exceptional, polished and professional entertainment performances across Melbourne’s most memorable events. 

We are committed to providing unforgettable experiences, and are dedicated to the cause.  Reliable, professional and tremendously capable, we ensure that your event is entertaining and remembered for all the right reasons.

Primarily focused on the provision of high quality entertainment, Top Dog specialise in Professional DJs Experienced Groups & Solo Artists; Live Performers; and Roving Talent.

We hand pick our talent to ensure we have the highest confidence in recommending them for your special occasion.  Please visit our entertainment services page for more information on our stable of entertainment.

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